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The name

The NameI can’t be both his friend and his flatterer.” Those are the famous words of Phocion (c. 402 BC – c. 318 BC), the man that this firm was founded after. Phocion was an Athenian statesman who avoided corruption and whose uprightness earned him the nickname, “The Good.” He was a prudent and virtuous man who had the courage to solitarily stand up against popular opinion in order to defend the best interests of Athenians; even refusing to comply with dishonorable requests from Athens’ conquerors. Recognized as one of the wisest politicians the world has ever known, Phocion never gave insincere counsel and never mistreated anyone he disliked.

We have built the foundation of this firm on the core pillars of:

  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Excellence in Service

Phocion Investment Services upholds the highest standards and never gives insincere counsel.