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GIPS® maintenance

GIPS® maintenance

Investors today are demanding that their manager ‎adopt best practices in performance measurement and reporting. At present, this means adherence to the CFA Institute’s Global Investment Performance Standards.

As investment management firms evolve (i.e. increases to number of AUM, clients and employees) they are charged with dynamically ensuring that they remain compliant with the standards. GIPS® compliance is not a one-time event and the hard work does not end following the first verification after GIPS® implementation. The fact is that just as much effort is required to maintain the firm’s compliance to GIPS® moving forward:

  • Monthly monitoring of all firm composites, reporting and overall performance management
  • Communicating with all firm departments impacting GIPS®
  • Interpreting requirements, recommendations, and guidance statements
  • Keeping the firm up-to-date to changes to GIPS®
  • Work closely with verifiers during the verification process
  • Train and educate the firm on the GIPS® standards

Phocion is best positioned at helping make the necessary adjustments to maintain your firm’s GIPS® Compliant status and avoid periods of non-compliance which may adversely affect your firm’s ability to attract AUM. In the competitive world of raising capital, managers cannot afford not to put their best foot forward. They must give investors every confidence at‎ keeping their capital with them. Phocion’s GIPS® Maintenance services can assist your firm to do just that.