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Phocion’s Strategic Partner CRC Leader in Providing Regulatory Registration

October 25, 2017

Phocion’s Strategic Partner CRC Leader in Providing Regulatory Registration


MONTREAL (CANADA) – Through its strategic relationship with Compliance Risk Concepts (CRC), Phocion Investment Services (Phocion) provides its clients leading U.S. regulatory registration services.

Phocion Managing Director, Kosta Segounis, stated: “We have witnessed a growing demand for U.S. Regulatory Registration services from Canadian managers whose successful investment strategies have reached asset saturation in their local market. For these managers the U.S. represents a huge source of new capital to manage. Its investors are arguably the world’s most sophisticated and they possess an open mind to consider new managers that have interesting and unique strategies. CRC’s professionals each have greater than 15-years compliance experience. Compared to other U.S. regulatory registration providers, CRC optimizes value creation as measured by operating and cost efficiencies.” Mr. Segounis continued: “Every client is different and every need is different. As such, sound U.S. regulatory registration requires a flexible and customized approach that does not compromise quality. CRC understands this very well.”

Investors needing more information about U.S. regulatory registration should contact Phocion at 514-564-9955 or info@phocioninvestments.com.


About Compliance Risk Concepts – CRC is a business-focused, team of senior compliance consultants and executives providing top tier compliance consulting services to clients on an as-needed, project or part-time basis. We provide our clients with the critical skills and expertise required to establish, maintain and enhance a balanced and effective compliance operational risk management program. We help organizations demonstrate a commitment to a strong risk management culture.

Compliance Risk Concepts: 441 Lexington Ave, 11th Floor | New York, NY | 10017 United States

212-922-2844 | info@compliance-risk.com | www.compliance-risk.com


About Phocion Investment Services – Phocion Investment Services provides the expertise, independence and sophisticated tools that enable our clients to meet their performance, compliance and due diligence objectives. Our objective is to bring clarity to the complexities of the investment industry and to assist stakeholders in their investment decision processes. With our team’s proven track record and the firm’s core pillars of honesty, accountability, and excellence in service, we are the industry’s trusted partner in the investment process.

Phocion Investment Services: 1010 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 1800 | Montreal, Quebec | H3A 2R7 Canada

514-564-9955 | info@phocioninvestments.com | www.phocioninvestments.com

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