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Phocion Lays Out Application Process for its Global Performance Committee

September 6, 2017

Phocion Lays Out Application Process for its Global Performance Committee

MONTREAL (CANADA) – Earlier today over a webinar, Phocion Investment Services (Phocion) laid out the application process for Phocion Global Performance Committee.

Phocion Founder, Ioannis Segounis, stated: “Phocion Investment Services will be spearheading the creation of a global investment performance committee that will provide performance professionals the feedback from their like-minded and dedicated peers”. Mr. Segounis continued: “For the last seven years, I have been advocating for the field of performance and the performance professional to have a greater voice in the overall industry. Performance is constantly used and highly marketed and yet, performance professionals are overlooked and ignored when performance related matter is considered. In 2008 the world took notice with the financial crisis and the value of qualified risk professionals was recognized. In 2018, let’s get performance to the status it deserves in order to benefit the industry.”

Phocion Managing Director, David Rowen, went on by stating: “For those interested in joining the Phocion Global Performance Committee please send an email to info@phocioninvestments.com with their:

  • Name along with link to their LinkedIn profile
  • Present role within the field of performance, and
  • State how they would like to see the field evolve over the next five years

The Committee will be open to as many people as possible that passionately dedicate themselves to the field of performance and work to improve it.”

For those unable to listen to today’s webinar, they can listen to its playback by clicking here. A related slide presentation was posted on Phocion’s website.


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