Phocion Investment Services Proudly Announces its Offering of GIPS® Verification Services to the Investment Industry

October 3, 2017

Phocion Investment Services Proudly Announces its Offering of GIPS® Verification Services to the Investment Industry

MONTREAL (CANADA) – Phocion Investment Services (Phocion) provides the widest breadth and deepest depth of performance-related services to the industry and is proud to add GIPS® Verification to its offering.

Developed under the guise of the CFA Institute, Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) is a set of standardized, industry-wide ethical principles that guide investment firms on how to calculate and present their investment results to prospective clients.

Phocion’s Founder, Ioannis Segounis, stated: “GIPS® Verification is a highly competitive segment of performance services. Prior to Phocion’s entry into the verification market, adherents to GIPS® have seen their choice of verification providers significantly decrease due to market consolidation.  Phocion is raising the bar by offering the highest value proposition to the industry. Our mission of elevating investment industry operating practices combined with our core pillars of honestly, accountability and excellence in service, position Phocion best to meet the needs of the industry.” Mr. Segounis continues: “Industry participants will be pleasantly surprised by the degree that Phocion’s GIPS® Verification services surpass those of other industry providers. Moreover, they will appreciate our unwavering principle of listening to our clients and exceeding their expectations. This is what Phocion is about and this is the mindset of what it will take to make the investment industry better and safer for all of its participants.”

Investors needing more information about Phocion’s GIPS® Verification services should contact us at 514-564-9955 or


About Phocion Investment Services

Phocion Investment Services provides the expertise, independence and sophisticated tools that enable our clients to meet their performance, compliance and due diligence objectives. Our objective is to bring clarity to the complexities of the investment industry and to assist stakeholders in their investment decision processes. With our team’s proven track record and the firm’s core pillars of honesty, accountability, and excellence in service, we are the industry’s trusted partner in the investment process.


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