Phocion Investment Services is the Leader in Providing Risk Assessments to the Investment Industry

October 6, 2017

Phocion Investment Services is the Leader in Providing Risk Assessments to the Investment Industry

MONTREAL (CANADA) – Phocion Investment Services (Phocion) proudly provides the most comprehensive Risk Assessment analysis to the investment industry.

Phocion Managing Director, Kosta Segounis, is the firm’s Thought Leader in this area. He stated: “The investment industry is exposed to various types of risks, and most often to some that the Principals of the firms are unaware of. Our detailed Risk Assessment reports enable firms to fully understand how their business is exposed to risk at that moment, including identifying activities that pose more risk than others. From that point the firm is positioned to decide whether to accept a certain level of risk or to take the appropriate steps to avoid or reduce. In essence, Phocion’s Risk Assessment scorecard provides compliance personnel with the road map towards developing and implementing a compliance program that fully aligns with the firm’s risk appetite.”

Mr. Segounis continued: “Smaller firms should especially take action to ensure that a Risk Assessment is performed as early as possible so they can understand where their GAPs lie and put a plan in place to address each one. The Risk Assessment is a dynamic tool that should be continually updated to reflect firms’ ever-evolving operations.”

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About Phocion Investment Services

Phocion Investment Services provides the expertise, independence and sophisticated tools that enable our clients to meet their performance, compliance and due diligence objectives. Our objective is to bring clarity to the complexities of the investment industry and to assist stakeholders in their investment decision processes. With our team’s proven track record and the firm’s core pillars of honesty, accountability, and excellence in service, we are the industry’s trusted partner in the investment process.


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