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Phocion is a Huge Advocate of the CFA Institute’s CIPM Program

November 13, 2017

Phocion is a Huge Advocate of the CFA Institute’s CIPM Program


MONTREAL (CANADA) – Phocion Investment Services (Phocion), a leading service provider in performance, compliance and due diligence, is a proud advocate of the Certificate in Investment Performance Management (CIPM®) Program. The title is awarded by the CFA Institute and there are presently some 2,000 CIPM® certificate holders worldwide. CIPM® is the leading investment industry designation for the growing field of performance measurement.

Phocion Founder, Ioannis Segounis, stated: “Phocion is very proud that all three of its principals are holders of the CIPM® designation and we encourage all industry participants to give strong consideration to the CIPM Program as part of their continuing education.”

Mr. Segounis continued: “Most industry professionals assume that published investment performance figures and reporting are both accurate and appropriately delivered – this is not the case. For the industry to enhance its standing in the eyes of investors it must become more responsible at ensuring that the performance measurement function is done with maximum rigor. Though administrators provide feedback, their performance records represent the lowest common denominator. Investors demand safety of capital and implementing internal and external best performance practices will go a long way to doing just that. It will also act as a distinguishing feature that favorably differentiates managers from the competitive pack.”

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