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Global performance committee


Phocion Investment Services is a large advocate that the field of performance should garner a greater voice in the overall investment industry.

Most performance resources emanate from individuals who have never worked in the field. The industry presently has a shortage of dedicated and well-educated performance professionals. This is shocking considering that performance is constantly used and highly marketed and yet, performance professionals are so often overlooked and ignored when performance-related matters are considered.

The Phocion Global Performance Committee looks to change old industry norms by providing a unified voice that oversees the growth of the performance field. The Committee provides performance professionals with feedback from their like-minded peers on many matters:

  • Sharing experiences in regards to certain performance task
  • Develop ideas and use influence to ensure that new best practices that go beyond GIPS are put into action
  • Gain an understanding as to the current state of performance in the investment industry
  • Networking among performance professionals
  • Contribute to the promotion and growth of the performance field