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Phocion Proudly Celebrates Seven Years of Assisting Investment Industry Participants to Achieve Operational Excellence

28 novembre, 2017

Phocion Proudly Celebrates Seven Years of Assisting Investment Industry Participants to Achieve Operational Excellence


MONTREAL (CANADA) – The month of November marks Phocion Investment Services’ (Phocion) seven-year anniversary of its founding. Since its establishment in 2010 Phocion has been focused at raising operational standards across the entire investment industry.

Phocion Founder, Ioannis Segounis, stated: “Phocion has always been aligned with the virtues of its namesake, specifically to uphold the highest ethical standards and to never give insincere counsel. 2017 marked a banner year for Phocion’s growth and provides strong feedback that we were right at positioning the firm to address a glaring industry gap. Namely, Phocion services its clients exclusively by using the insights of experienced professionals, be it in the areas of performance, compliance or due diligence.” Mr. Segounis went on to state: “In contrast much of the industry is structured to ensure that junior employees
(many without actual industry experience) perform the work, while the principals collect the profits. That model no longer works to the same degree as it once did and so Phocion expects to continue to gain market share through 2018 and beyond.” He went on: “We would like to take this moment to thank all of our clients for their support. We look forward to seeing you in 2018 as well as to enhance the operations of others industry participants seeking utmost professionalism.”

Those wishing for discussion should contact Phocion at 514-564-9955 or info@phocioninvestments.com.


About Phocion Investment Services

Phocion Investment Services provides the expertise, independence and sophisticated tools that enable our clients to meet their performance, compliance and due diligence objectives. Our objective is to bring clarity to the complexities of the investment industry and to assist stakeholders in their investment decision processes. With our team’s proven track record and the firm’s core pillars of honesty, accountability, and excellence in service, we are the industry’s trusted partner in the investment process.


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