2 mai, 2011



Welcome to Phocion Investments Inc inaugural article! Here is a bit of information about the company and the goal of the article entries.

Phocion Investments was created to help meet the performance needs of investment firms and fund sponsors alike. Whether it as complex as a thorough due diligence of your operations or something as simple as offering training to bring this specialized knowledge to your firm, the spectrum of services Phocion Investments offers are wide enough to meet your specific needs.

The article entries will bring a dynamic aspect to the website; one where present day issues in the investment industry will be looked at through the performance point of view and help bring to life the benefits of our services.

Some of the subjects we will be delving into will range from analyses of the organizational evolution of performance to the roles of fund sponsors in the evaluation processes. You can expect a new entries that deal with some of the most newsworthy subject matter.

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