« Vous faites des choses lorsque les occasions se présentent. Je ai eu des périodes dans ma vie où je l’ai eu un paquet d’idées, et je l’ai eu de longues périodes de sans idées. Si je reçois une idée la semaine prochaine, je vais faire quelque chose. Si non, je ferai rien. »

– Warren Buffet


Phocion partage ces idées d’actualité avec la communauté des investisseurs. Des capsules est un des moyens utilisés pour partager ces idées.

14 mars, 2018

How An Independent Investment Review Can Assist High Net Worth Investors

Does your invested wealth have proper safekeeping? What are the total fees that your investment professional charges, including those naughty hidden ones? Has your investment professional been able to beat the related benchmarks? If not, does it make sense to ask him or her some questions? Would you be advantaged to no longer pay high-fees

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28 novembre, 2017

Overview Of The Recent GIPS® Guidance Statement On Benchmarks

During this webinar Phocion will be providing independent review and commentary of the GIPS® Guidance Statement on Benchmarks exposure draft. Published recently on October 31, 2017, public commentary will be gathered through January 29, 2018. The exposure draft is an attempt to optimally consolidate and organize all benchmark-related information to one reliable source within the GIPS standards.

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11 octobre, 2017

How A Risk Assessment Can Prevent Reputation Risk While Optimizing Compliance Cost Structure

The compliance Risk Assessment outlines company risk exposures, the compliance program framework, an overview of the culture of compliance, and also demonstrates the residual risk exposure remaining to the firm assuming effective execution of the compliance program. No compliance program can 100% eliminate all risk exposures. This Risk Assessment is intended to be a tool

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6 septembre, 2017

Launch of Phocion’s Global Performance Committee

Inaugural Webinar Presentation announcing the launch of Phocion Investment Services’ Global Performance Committee MONTREAL (CANADA) – Please join us for the Inaugural Webinar Presentation announcing the launch of Phocion Investment Services’ Global Performance Committee on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 12:00 PM EDT. Brought to you by GoToWebinar® Webinars Made Easy®

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28 juin, 2017

Complying with Canadian Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Terrorist Financing Standards

Over the past decades crime has increased at a staggering pace on a global basis. Today’s criminals are sophisticated and highly motivated to cleanse their money from being traced back to the illegal activities where it was generated. It is incumbent upon all investment managers and their related service providers to fulfill their important role

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