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« Une opération d’investissement est celle qui, après analyse approfondie, promet la sécurité du capital et un rendement adéquat. Opérations qui ne respectent pas ces exigences sont de nature spéculative. »

– Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor (1949)


Comme mission, Phocion Investissements vise à améliorer les contrôles dans le secteur des placements. Cette mission est accomplit en se concentrant sur trois domaines:

  • Performance
  • Diligence raisonnable
  • Conformité

Phocion partage ces idées sur les rendements et les meilleures pratiques de conformité réglementaires et processus opérationnels. Les articles influencent l’industrie vers une plus grande intégrité et loin de la nature « spéculative » des opérations que Ben Graham a parlé dans son opus magnum.


19 septembre, 2017

Hedge Funds’ First Line of Defense is the Risk Assessment

Hedge fund managers are some of the brightest‎ professionals in the investment industry. In many cases, after having worked for other firms there are those that choose to set up their own operation because they have reached the point of no longer wanting to be answerable to anyone. In essence, they are the epitome of
6 septembre, 2017

Hedge Funds Need to Cease Using Benchmarks in their Core Performance Marketing Materials

The investment management industry is fiercely competitive. As such, in order to distinguish oneself managers need to focus on putting their best foot forward across their entire organization – from front-office investment decision-making to back-office documented transparency. Few hedge fund entrepreneurs possess all of the required skills to make their firm a success. The vast
14 août, 2017

The Tug of War Between Portfolio Managers and Analysts – What Investors Want to See

The due diligence process offers managers the opportunity to showcase all components of their operations, from front office decision-making to back office policies and procedures. The dynamic between portfolio manager and analysts is a component that investors prioritize to understand. Clearly there is no « one-size-fits-all » solution as each manager has its own distinct firm culture.
1 août, 2017

Your Compliance Program Must Go Beyond Regulator Requirements

We often encounter managers that do not comprehend the critical role that their compliance culture can play in driving assets under management higher. Rather than embrace their compliance program as an opportunity to offer investors another distinguishing feature about their business, they view compliance as a source of cost-cutting.  In so doing they are unknowingly
27 juin, 2017

Investors Have a Fiduciary Duty to Monitor Managers Rigorously Otherwise They Fall Short

To effectively monitor an investment manager, investors must put in place a methodical process. In fact, it is part of their fiduciary duty to their stake holders to do so. Unfortunately the result of our global industry survey reveals that most investors have varying degrees of deficiencies in their programs. Some investors have no structured
13 juin, 2017

A Checklist for Canadian Securities Dealers as Many Fall Short in Meeting AML Requirements

When it comes to compliance, many Canadian investment firms are not meeting their anti-money laundering (“AML”) obligations. This article assists these firms by providing them with valuable insights.   What are the Requirements? What Types of Firms are Responsible? The Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (“PCMLTFA” or “the Act”) requires that
23 juin, 2016

Empowering Athletes to Achieve Financial Peace of Mind‎

For many professional athletes the world of private wealth management has proven to be a ruthless jungle preying to dish out miserable consequence. Many examples exist of athletes being exploited out of their wealth by predators arriving at their doorstep with impeccable timing disguised in proverbial sheep’s clothing. This article makes no mention of specifics