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31 décembre, 2017

Some Investment Proposals Produce Nightmares as Opposed to Providing Sound Solutions

High net worth investors are highly sought by investment professionals and are often presented with a slew of solutions, which can be overwhelming for them. Though a preponderance of professionals do make proper recommendations, several do not. This article will explore examples of sub-optimal investment recommendations. Beware of Poorly Performing‎, Highly-Conflicted Investment Offerings When it
19 décembre, 2017

General Partners, Private Equity, Phocion Investment Services, Limited Partnership, CIPM, CFA Institute, GIPS

Private Equity is an asset class that is tainted by numerous red flags and investors need to be mindful. Though we have written articles that touched on Private Equity none touched on the negative impact of over-capitalization. This article does just that. Allocation of Too Much Capital as a Means of Propelling Unicorn Events Looking
12 décembre, 2017

Private Equity Nuisances Require Ongoing Reassessment

The demand for Private Equity investment since the Financial Crisis has been nothing short of insatiable. Without question this segment of equity provides welcome portfolio diversification. Having said that, from time-to-time, it is most prudent to review a few of the items on Private Equity’s long list of nuisances. This article does just that. ‎‎Fees
6 décembre, 2017

GIPS Adoption Ensures That Managers Properly Select and Present Their Benchmarks

The adoption of GIPS standardizes performance measurement and reporting across the industry. One may argue that GIPS goes too far while others may say that it does not go far enough. This kind of debate is constructive and provides excellent feedback to the industry. Within the North American context we commend US-based managers’ GIPS adoption
5 décembre, 2017

No Room to Gamble With Fair Dealing Which Sits at Core of Market Integrity

The structure of client fair dealings is an investment industry practice that is often implemented in a sub-optimal manner. Treating investors fairly is at the forefront of reinforcing market confidence. Should the  preponderance of market participants deem themselves to be unfairly treated, the market will be prone to fall apart. ‎This article brings fair dealing