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October 24, 2017

Canadian Hedge Fund Managers Need to Want to Play to Win

Last month I attended a conference dedicated to bringing Canadian hedge fund managers together with Canadian investors. One of the organizers asked me whether I thought next year’s edition should include US and other foreign managers as a means of broadening investor appear. My answer was “no”. Canadian investors already have a favorable predisposition to
October 17, 2017

Private Equity Valuation Shortcomings Can Be Mitigated With Adoption of GIPS

Private Equity is an asset class that has garnered increased interest from institutional and accredited investors since the Financial Crisis, with Pension Funds and Family Offices demonstrating especial keenness. The driving force for the fervor is that PE investors are attracted to investment premiums for assuming PE’s poor liquidity and reduced degree of single asset
October 4, 2017

Phocion’s Good Friend, Frank Casey, Brings Integrity and Wherewithal to the Investment Industry

Hedge fund managers that generate exceptional returns over time are often held in high esteem by investors. Moreover, the few that possess charisma or are staunchly outspoken even become household names. Society puts a great value on these people because few possess their highly sought money making skills.  This begs the question: “Do we have